Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Humor Me.

I need to make a will. These Tornadoes have me freaked.
-Coco Gets Belle.
-Candyce Gets Saleen.
-Mom Gets Daisy.
Just in case.
Shelly Petrie McCarty is NEVER to see Belle. Ever.
Her children, upon leaving the nest, are allowed.
I can't think about this.
Blech. When this is over tomorrow, I'm having a glass of wine.
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Kyler Durden.

Through High School, we were almost inseperable. You were my very best friend. I could talk to you about anything, we laughed about everything, we gossiped about everyone. We spent Halloween together, we went to anti-homecoming together, we spent your birthday together, we drove around aimlessly into the night.
The last time I remember seeing you, you were holed up in your apartment, smoking pot constantly, and hardly ever going to work. That was a few years ago.
I wish we were close enough where I could have saved your life like I did before. I'm sorry we drifted apart. I'll never know if we could have been close again, you stole that from us, and I am somewhat mad about that. I have so many memories, so many things we could have caught up on. I try to think about how much you hurt, and for so long, I try to think that now you no longer have to hurt. You were almost 23. I hope that you really thought through your decision, I hope that this was your last resort. I hope you were not in physical pain when you died, I hope you were not frightened, and did not have second thoughts after it was too late. I hope when you looked back on memories of our friendship, they were fond memories. I will always look back fondly on our friendship. I miss you so much. I mourn alone here for you. Haha, remember when we got "internet married"? Or when we put that huge vagina on Justin's background? I can't put on mascara without thinking of you, remember when I laid it on its side, and you thought it would spill out? I'm going to miss how well you imitated the sound of conan hitting the concrete from that episode of south park, and when you called John McCain "Bananas".
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