Wednesday, March 23, 2011


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The Individual Rights of Homosexuals.

The purpose of the Bill of Rights was to guarantee the individual rights of citizens under the Constitution. These are listed in the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. Knowing the tendencies of governments to infringe on the rights of its citizens, many involved in writing the Constitution felt that these rights should be explicitly stated. In this way, the federal government could not arbitrarily abridge them.

The Bill of Rights restricts the powers and authority of the Federal Government and establishes many of the civil and political rights enjoyed in the United States, including the right to due process of law and the freedoms of speech, press, religion, assembly, and petition. 

The Bill of Rights states what the government can and cannot do, and asserts the rights of the people, with which no law or government action should interfere.

President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The most sweeping civil rights legislation since Reconstruction, the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination of all kinds based on race, color, religion, or national origin. The law also provides the federal government with the powers to enforce desegregation.

 There are people out there who will argue that the security of the country is more important than the individual rights of the people.
in 1964 when the Civil Rights Act was passed, nothing very important was going on. Oh, wait! The Vietnam War! I am sure that during that time, people could argue that the rights of African Americans were less important than other things that the country was dealing with. People probably argued "We need to get the war squared away, and THEN we can worry about the rights of African Americans"
Meanwhile, there were Afr.Am.'s fighting the Vietnam War.
"During the height of the U.S. involvement, 1965-69, blacks, who formed 11 percent of the American population, made up 12.6 percent of the soldiers in Vietnam. The majority of these were in the infantry, and although authorities differ on the figures, the percentage of black combat fatalities in that period was a staggering 14.9 percent, a proportion that subsequently declined. Volunteers and draftees included many frustrated blacks whose impatience with the war and the delays in racial progress in America led to race riots on a number of ships and military bases, beginning in 1968, and the services' response in creating interracial councils and racial sensitivity training. . . ."

Don't you DARE tell me that the rights of homosexuals is NOT the same! It IS! Homosexuals are PEOPLE! YES! Amazing to think of it that way!
I'm sorry, I don't mean to be an ass about the subject, but it has taken THIS long for them to be allowed to be WHO they are! The government has spent AGES giving reasons why Homosexuals should not have rights, or why it is not as important as something else. There are many gays in the military, we don't even know the numbers, but these people, just like heterosexuals have families, or want to have families.
Decide by state? Just like deciding if women should vote, would it be fair to decide by state? What about if Black people can marry White people, should that have been left up to the states? What about women owning land; on their own or if their husbands die?
It is IN FACT exactly the same!
In 1920 when Women received the right to vote, American was post WWI, working on the treaty of Versailles. How long did women rally before they received that right? Did it take so long because America had better things to do?
Do you really have an argument to say that Gay people are less important than Black People, or Women?
"hey who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." Ben Franklin

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello, again!

I'm sorry blog, I know it's been a while, but lately I've been so busy.
Things have been going quite well around here, and so I've spent my time enjoying life, and not sitting nose deep in my phone, blogging about how much things need to change.
Right now, everything is pretty good.
Other than insomnia and a splitting headache! Oh, well. I can't even be mad about that.
I get lovin', and often! We walked to the dog park today, and had a great time with Saleen. More updates later. Headache taking over >_<
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Food Inc.

I haven't yet finished it, but something about watching Food Inc. Will seriously make on evaluate their lifestyle.
I mention 'There goes my carnivorous side' on facebook.
That is not exactly the case. Like 'There goes the neighborhood'.
In all seriousness, the story about Kevin made my heart sink to my stomach.
Watch it, really.
You tell yourself "Oh, I don't want to know"
Oh, yes. Yes you do.
Along with telling you what companies do to their animals, and what ends up in your food (by contamination, or prevention thereof), you are shown the light in the darkness.
The boom of organic foods.
Watch this. Especially if you have children.
My estranged MIL is a "Republican". NOT to disrespect the average Republican, my MIL believes that the government should up and disappear. When Michelle Obama was speaking about a healthier America, she was out buying bushels of McDonald's burgers for her weeble-wobble family, and severely diabetic husband. They chain smoke so bad that when you walk in their home, all you see is a cloud. Their youngest son has had coffee in his bottle since before he could walk. Their daughter has a hearing problem, and they refuse to get her help for it because kids will make fun of her. No, they'll make fun of her because she can't speak right, and is always saying "Huh?". They really are the most ignorant people to ever grace the state of Oklahoma. They'd be the first with slaves on their land if we ever went back in time.
Point is, how can you set your children up to be disgusting? To be fat, and not know that there are better choices, just because you don't want a black woman telling YOUR country what to do.
Don't want Africans in your country?
I guess your ancestors should have thought of that before they brought them here.
Anyway, I'm going on a tangent.
If you want to live better, and know what you put in your mouth, watch the documentary.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Just a tid-bit of This-N-That.

It seems like my life is always full of some drama. I guess everyones is.
I try not to focus on it, but this is where I dump it. Where I put it all to keep it from destroying my life.
Problem is, I can't always be as honest as I want to be.
Mostly because the truth about the way people feel can be hurtful, and that is not who I want to be.
Some things ARE better left unsaid.
And the way I feel about a situation isn't important if it isn't my situation, and it's the way you WANT to live.
These things, I can tell my husband. He listens, and understands.
Somethings, I don't say to my husband. Like stuff on here. Perhaps I say them in a kinder way. But this place is where my anger, and sadness go.
He is where I place the things I cannot put on here.

Moving on.
Tomorrow is going to be hell. It's 0112.
I have a meeting at 1600 with the command team.
Husband needs the vehicle the first half of the day.
BFF has family coming in.
I have to drop Belle off at BFF's house in Jville.
Plus, it's supposed to rain. So Lovesband riding his bike is going to be a pain.
I might not go. I REALLY want to, but seems like a lot to go through for a meeting.
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Husband and I have had several open conversations.
When I told him about wanting a toy, he said it was okay.
He followed by saying that he hadn't realized that it was at that point. And he wanted a 'second chance' before I bought one.
He said "you weren't thinking about a rabbit, were you?"
"But those REPLACE guys! This is supposed to be something to tide you over, not REPLACE ME!"
He chalked his libido up to stress. Which, I can totally understand.
He just never said that was the reason before.
Now that he has, I can understand.
He would always come up with some other excuse.
But, we had an amazing weekend. I'm hoping that more days will be like this weekend.
Is this all post deployment re-integration? He's been back since October.
Anyway, there is some light. He's talking to me about his feeling, and what's up. Just talking to him, and knowing what is going on makes me feel so much closer to him. Which is really all I want.
To not feel pushed away. :)
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Friday, March 11, 2011

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My blog should be labled TMI.

I hate it. If it only happened sometimes, fine.
But often are the nights (weekends) that go by where you talk dirty, and don't follow through.
Women can get 'blue balls' you know.
We're the married couple with no intimacy.
We don't cuddle. He NEVER wants to make-out. He doesn't even like it. More than 3 kisses is 'enough'.
We never hold hands. When I talk sweetly, he never talks sweetly back.
I only ever hear "I love you".
When we do become intimate, it's not like it used to be.
He doesn't look at me like he used to.
And... Oral is the only thing he ever wants. And asks for.
Sure, he's a good man. He provides for his family.
Maybe I am selfish for wanting more.
I don't feel sexy anymore.
I don't feel wanted.
What a bad place that is to be.
"If My husband doesn't think I'm sexy, if it all fell apart, would anyone?"
Today, Chris was waving a thong of mine around. I told him to put it away before Kurt saw.
Kurt is all "What? Lemme see!" He threatened to go in the laundry room and look for whatever it was.
So, I told him.
Wow. He acted completely revolted.
I expected and 'ew' or 'oh' or 'ahh!'
But he acted disgusted to his core.

On another note. Chris said something the other day that is still eating at me.
"I Think Annabelle helps our relationship, if she wasn't here, I wouldn't care so much if I pissed you off"
Going on to say that he would push shit further more often if she wasn't there to see it.
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There is actually a syndrome for not being able to get something out of your head.
I think about it all the time.
I dream about it.
It owns all of my waking thoughts.
I can't tell you about it. I just can't.
I'm breaking inside.
My Mom told me to pray for my relationship.
I feel like a prisoner in my own life.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011


You know what I have really had enough of?
Our parenting style differences.
When she cries, I hold her.
Maybe that's why she almost NEVER comes to you for comfort.
You stare at her. She's down stairs crying for 10min with you.
Staring OBVIOUSLY isn't solving ANYTHING.
"She Wants you" and "She wants Mamma" are true. In a way.
YOU can comfort her. Nutritionally, she doesn't need boobie anymore. It's primarily a comfort thing.
It's like you don't understand how to comfort her.
Like when she starts to wake up- ex:
Me: *rock/pat the baby*
You: *let arm be still as possible, and look at her and say Hi*
Then I take the baby, rock her to sleep, and you are astonished she's sleeping again. She didn't have a nap. It's 8:30.
What did you expect?
It breaks my heart to BF her in public. Because of the way YOU look at me.
You can't handle her dumping a drink at the store.
Ugh. I can't stay on this subject anymore.
Oh, and if you find the 'Mine' to Yours&Mine that I've been using all by myself, you won't be very happy, I'm sure.
Wait until I have a rabbit ( not the fuzzy lop-eared kind) that I hide, too.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

*TMI- Bush

Fuck it.
I took a nice relaxing bath today, and during such, I noticed that my yard needed maintaining.
I generally keep it 'neat' and what one would call a 'landing strip'.
So, I meticulously shaved, AWWWL up around there. Nice and neat.
Soft to the touch, and inviting.
For what? My flightline is rarely ever used. Nobody is landing on the strip.
Honestly, until bikini time, taking the time to maintain a ne'er used area, and dealing with occassional razor burn and ingrown hairs, is soo a waste of my time.
Seriously. I know there are women whose husbands are deployed and just wish to have him next to them, sex or not.
But something is wrong with me.
I'm horny ALL the time!
And I live on a Marine Corps base. Switching to deserts soon.
So my appitite is going to exceed what it is now, which is already difficult to satiate.
My vagina is going on strike. I'm not working on the merkin until I get some regular.
Or the vibrator I've been asking for, which is not seen as 'important'.
But 'tuning in' a Mt.Bike is.
And the vibrator doesn't need a lovely landing strip.
You know, Hubs always wanted me to grow my hair out.
Of course, I am well aware I've taken that out of context.
This is why Kurt doesn't keep up with my blog.
Smart guy.
Sorry about your eyes, readers :/
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Tonight is a night where I think too much, where my thoughts get the best of me.
Doesn't everyone have thoughts they can't share with ANYONE, not ever ever? I know I do.
Some that I know I'm going to hell for.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

60 minutes= $100

Today I spent an hour on the phone with a heavy mouth breather who sounded like a seal in labor, that worked for Time Warner Cable.
I hate me some mouth breathers.
At one point, I actually thought he was snoring (It took him 15min to pull up my account).
Anyway, though our bill is still OUTRAGEOUS because they pro-rated some charges.
We got new services 2/02, and were billed on 2/19, the charges were not on THAT bill, but the bill for 3/18.
So, we're paying for a month and-a-half.
BUT they were charging me a  $50 deposit due to my B-E-A-Utiful credit score because THEY SAID we did not have automatic bill pay, and we do!
Now, I am usually the person who says "Oh, well." and I don't call and ask questions, but a $400 cable bill caused me to call, spend 40min on hold, to spend 20 actual minutes talking to someone, and I saved $100.
No, this really doesn't save the budget, but it's $100!
Better in my pocket than theirs!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


There are times like this. Times when I am so very driven for her and I. Thinking like this sucks.
Lately it just seems like we are so different. Maybe it's me.
It's time for me to grow, and focus for my family.
If you can't do that too, you'll be left behind.
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