Monday, November 29, 2010

It's 3am.

Belle and I have been going to bed 'round about 3am, as of late. Dont ask me how it happened. It just did. Here we are, watching The Goodnight Show on Sprout. For the 3rd time. I'd like to adjust her schedule, but that also means adjusting mine. So, it's going to be a process. Momma is SUPER cranky when she doesn't get enough sleep. We've tried not letting her nap, but she passes out like a Witness with a Watchtower.
The only option is waking up earlier. I've tried earlier nap. But it does NOT happen.
From the beginning, we've let her run her own schedule, and it's worked for an entire year. But mostly since her random SCREAMING episode the other day, it's been 3am.
Before that, it was around 1am. Which wasn't all that bad.
But 3am?!? This is just unreasonable. Do you know what TIME we get up after a full 8hrs? It's like we never see daylight!
On an unrelated note, must babies always jam their elbows into your breasts? OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWCH!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Two best friends that anyone could have.

We're the two best friends that anyone could have!
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There are little bears on my feet!

A fellow Milspouse wrote a blog about being thankful. So I will, too.
Civillians do not understand this life.
When I was not a milspouse, I did not understand either. How can you comprehend what you will feel when put in situations your heart could not fathom?
Your family will not understand. They just don't.
You know who does? Another milspouse.
Erin, you've been through it all. Like, literally. Your knowledge and friendship has been priceless! I get to see you a few times a week, and I am currently getting paid for it. This is an Epic Win! You've been through everything I could go through, and you listen, and laugh with me about so much! You are wise well beyond your years!

Being a Mom and having a deployed spouse is like being tossed in a food processor. It chews you up, and spits you out, by yourself, repeatedly. I tried very hard to make friends, and until Caity, it just didn't work so well.
It's funny, I feel like, looking back, I missed Caity. Before I even knew her. To long for a friend who will stay up and watch Big Love w/you until 2am. Someone who I could have my feelings hurt by, and hurt their feeling, and love them enough to work through it, and not just drop the friendship. Someone who my husband got along with, too. Hell, he ENJOYS having Caity around! Which is new.
For a long time, I felt very alone, and like I was in a hole, where my only identity was wife, and mother.
Caity pulled my ass out of that hole. Thank, Twitter!
Now, I don't condone inviting someone you have never ever met to come live with you, but in this case, the reward is amazing.
Caity is my best friend ever. She saved me from my depression, and is indescribably the best friend ever.
I fucking Love you, Caitertot.
Oh, fuck it. I even love Kevin, too.
He's like the brother who deserves to have wedgies, but nobody else better pick on him!
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Monday, November 22, 2010

I said NEVER, baby!

I remeber my first (and only, so far) pregnancy, and how much I have changed.
I said "That baby is NOT sleeping in our bed!"
Now, I can't imagine it any other way.
The same with breastfeeding "After a year, I'm done!".
Belle is going to be 14mo (I hate the 'month' term. She's 1ish)
Anyway, still breastfeeding.

I understand and accept the way other people live. People who believe in 'Cry it out'.
But I don't.
Not because someone fed it to me, but because I felt, as a Mother, that this is what I need to do. I think mothers should do whatever they feel is best for their family. Find all the information, do whatever you do, and whatever you believe in for your family, and do it the very best you can!
My family says "You gotta get that baby out of your bed!"
Why? I wake up to smiles, not terrified cries.

But, I am a stay at home Mom, I work on her schedule, and that is best for MY family.
Yours may be different.
Either way, GO MOMMA!
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dumb Ideas

Here's a stupid idea: As an unlicensed Marine, get married to an unlicensed woman, and move into a place. Then rely on everyone else for everything.
Hows about you get a cab.
OR OR how about you marry someone in October that you met in February (eventhough you were deployed march11th-Oct1st).
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

marriage rant

Don't be a divorce SCREAMING to happen. If you met on the internet, or before getting married the larger part of your relationship was electronic- red flag.
It's okay to meet online.
But nothing replaces real life.
As Naomi and BobbAYY are finding.
And Suzanne and Joe found.
Nothing can tell you more about a person than IN person.
Lovesband and I knew eachother for 6 years.
8mo of dating at age 19??? Uhhh, RED FLAG!
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Friday, November 12, 2010

We Do Not Lead Glorious Lives.

I remember our DITY move to Cherry Point, North Carolina. My (then) PFC Husband and I drove the long journey from Michigan, with an Explorer, and a small trailer full of everything we owned.
I was 19 and around 6months pregnant.
We didn't have a couch, we didn't have a microwave; Actually, we didn't have much.
We had to put a house together, we had a baby coming, and only a bed, washer, and dryer to our name. Oh, and a diaper genie.
Money was tight, seperation pay was gone, but we hadn't gotten our food allowance yet. We actually had to pawn some of the small electronics we owned, scrounge that $70 and get food.
I was getting WIC, and for a while, we considered Food stamps.

Now, 2years later, we have it together. We have a bit more pay, and though we aren't rolling in it, we're making ends meet. The CPL, Belle, and I live a happy life, with food on the table, a couch, and finally (after 2 years w/o) some cable TV.
With all that the Military DOES provide, many people are completely unaware of what it does NOT provide.
My Husband serves his country, but makes less than $40,000 a year.
Tricare is free, but you have to see THEIR doctors, not your own. You must go through your Primary Care Manager (which changes like the seasons).
Dental is free to Active-duty, but the family must pay an extra $30 a month for dental, and eye EXAMS are free, but lenses and frames? That's all you.
Now, the Economy being as it is these days, People are losing jobs, taking pay cuts, and the cost of living keeps climbing to make up for the money companies need to offset their costs and so on.
The Military has done a decent job giving raises to keep up with the cost of living. The Military is at War. "America is not at war. The USMilitary is at War. America is at the Mall."
Yesterday was Veterans Day, and My Veteran and our friends and family celebrated at Applebee's. Free Meals for Active Duty and Veterans! While it is only one day a year, it shows how much a company appreciates what these Men and Women do for our country. We live in a Military Area, that place was PACKED, and hundreds of free meals were given by a smiling, appreciative staff.
If only the rest of America felt the same.
By that, I mean the Government.
Due to federal deficit (from the war), our USGov't is looking at ways to reduce spending. If you can guess from my long winded (so to speak) speech, they want to reduce spending in the Military (the ones fighting that war).
NOT ONLY do they want to freeze housing allowance and pay increases for 3 years, they also want to implement co-pays and extra costs into our healthcare. They want to cut benefits for veterans. There have already been plans to cut programs available to spouses while their servicemember is deployed, and now the servicemember gets shafted, too.
The Marine Corps is used to hard work, tradition, comitment, and courage- All without shine and sparkle. Marines do not wear Cammies (utility [work] wear) off post. Their dog tags are worn inside of their shirts. And from the moment they enlist, rank is never given, only earned.
But this?
Not to put down any other service, that is not my point. But I don't know all that much about traditions in the other branches.
I do know this: Each branch is full of hard working individuals, with families. Members who sign that blank check we hear about, and worry about. A check for their lives. Men and Women who love, and are willing to die for their country, their names to be forgotten.

We do not lead glorious lives. The only luxury we hold is falling in love again when he comes home. If. And Re-integration isn't easy. Who will defend what our servicemembers earn? If not the American Government, who?
Me, that's who.
How about you?
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Friday, November 5, 2010

I hate today.

I want to run away. It's likely I will not feel this way tomorrow, but it is also likely I will have the awesome chance to feel this way on another day. It's nearly 1am, The Baby is awake. Husband sleeps soundly. Both had a nap.
I tried to nap yesterday. All my plans were foiled. Even after hearing how terrible my day had been, YOU need a nap.
Today has been shit. Still, I cook a ham, I put towels in the wash, which I probably have to go put in the dryer. I take care of everything.
It's days like today when I am asking for help, like I'm screaming inside, and you aren't hearing me.
You bought alcohol, but can I get my nails done.
We'll see.
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