Monday, November 22, 2010

I said NEVER, baby!

I remeber my first (and only, so far) pregnancy, and how much I have changed.
I said "That baby is NOT sleeping in our bed!"
Now, I can't imagine it any other way.
The same with breastfeeding "After a year, I'm done!".
Belle is going to be 14mo (I hate the 'month' term. She's 1ish)
Anyway, still breastfeeding.

I understand and accept the way other people live. People who believe in 'Cry it out'.
But I don't.
Not because someone fed it to me, but because I felt, as a Mother, that this is what I need to do. I think mothers should do whatever they feel is best for their family. Find all the information, do whatever you do, and whatever you believe in for your family, and do it the very best you can!
My family says "You gotta get that baby out of your bed!"
Why? I wake up to smiles, not terrified cries.

But, I am a stay at home Mom, I work on her schedule, and that is best for MY family.
Yours may be different.
Either way, GO MOMMA!
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