Tuesday, November 23, 2010

There are little bears on my feet!

A fellow Milspouse wrote a blog about being thankful. So I will, too.
Civillians do not understand this life.
When I was not a milspouse, I did not understand either. How can you comprehend what you will feel when put in situations your heart could not fathom?
Your family will not understand. They just don't.
You know who does? Another milspouse.
Erin, you've been through it all. Like, literally. Your knowledge and friendship has been priceless! I get to see you a few times a week, and I am currently getting paid for it. This is an Epic Win! You've been through everything I could go through, and you listen, and laugh with me about so much! You are wise well beyond your years!

Being a Mom and having a deployed spouse is like being tossed in a food processor. It chews you up, and spits you out, by yourself, repeatedly. I tried very hard to make friends, and until Caity, it just didn't work so well.
It's funny, I feel like, looking back, I missed Caity. Before I even knew her. To long for a friend who will stay up and watch Big Love w/you until 2am. Someone who I could have my feelings hurt by, and hurt their feeling, and love them enough to work through it, and not just drop the friendship. Someone who my husband got along with, too. Hell, he ENJOYS having Caity around! Which is new.
For a long time, I felt very alone, and like I was in a hole, where my only identity was wife, and mother.
Caity pulled my ass out of that hole. Thank, Twitter!
Now, I don't condone inviting someone you have never ever met to come live with you, but in this case, the reward is amazing.
Caity is my best friend ever. She saved me from my depression, and is indescribably the best friend ever.
I fucking Love you, Caitertot.
Oh, fuck it. I even love Kevin, too.
He's like the brother who deserves to have wedgies, but nobody else better pick on him!
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