Monday, August 1, 2011


As Deployment draws near and subsequently begins, you will see more blog posts. Lovesband does NOT like to talk about deployment AT ALL. There is a slight chance he may not go. Are you thinking "YAAAY!"? I'm not. I'll tell you why: I REFUSE to start over. I'd rather let these phases happen, and have them cut short, and be a bit lost, than to begin again, or be stuck in "maybe" land. In my mind, he IS. If he doesn't, great! I have to get used to the idea of him going, and prepare myself. Last time, there was a 75% chance he would not go- he went. I did not afford myself the opportunity to appropriately prepare. I need to be as okay as I can be with the idea of him going. I'd rather weep uncontrollably at home than in the parking-lot of his shop. If preparing can buy me those 12min, then I'm going to do it. I WILL be in a better place this deployment. I CAN do this.

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