Sunday, September 25, 2011

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I have made an executive decision. I told my Husband that he WILL NOT com home unless he has gone to the gym that day.
It is NOT because I do not think he is sexy. I am very attracted to my Husband.
The problem is that he does not feel sexy.
This causes conflict with the 'Very attracted to Husband' fact seen above.
How frustrating that fact may be is nothing in comparison to the sadness I felt when 'we' finally came to this conclusion. He knew all along, but felt he could not tell me.
From a female standpoint, when your Husband doesn't want you, you assume it's you. At least after a significant amount of time. So I obviously felt it was me that was not up to par in the physical attractiveness, I am a Mom... it takes its toll.
When have I become the person he could not talk to?
He's been to the gym once so far (which was Thursday, and I told him Wednesday night he had to gym it up). I am hoping this yields positive results. I don't care if he's ripped, or even trim.
I can't take the day-to-day banter without.... occasional closeness.

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