Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY Life Edition.

Scuzband says we have passed the time to reenlist. It used to be that you could do so until the day of. Now, it is much harder. My Mom said "They need Soldiers, maybe they'll give him more time" 1) Seriously, Mom?! He's not a Soldier. For the 4,563,453rd time. Nothing wrong with being a Soldier, but he is a Marine. Has been for almost 2.5yrs. (Not counting boot camp). 2) No, they don't. They don't need more. They need 22,000 less. 3) He will not so much as utter a "Maybe" on that subject. Never ever. "Maybe the economy will pick up by then" 1) What?! How in the hell is that going to happen? Is the inflation fairy going to sprinkle magic dust? In 1yr the Economy will be better? I love you, but an economist you are not. 2) Like that will even matter. Neither of us are qualified to do anything. Oh, I can wait tables and work retail. He can be a crew leader at a fast food joint. Sweet. That will get us health-care. That'll pay the bills. Fuck your $300 bike. It's now broken. We also paid $20 to have someone 'tune it in' for you to use it 10times. How long have I been bugging you about college? Huh? I planned to go to college before, I waited for you. Then you joined the Marine Corps, didn't want to marry me. I took you back, I followed you here. I went through a deployment as a solo-parent. You were supposed to be leading us to a better life. I followed you, believing that you were newly motivated to give us the life I thought we dreamed of. Set backs. These are set backs? No. You've had a long fucking time to figure out a goddamned plan, and execute it. You have not. You are your own set back. You will not set your family back. I have to do this on my own. I have to make my own money, figure out college for myself. I want to provide for my daughter. I want to keep my dog. I don't need the 'finer things' in life, but I'd like to afford clothes for Belle off of the sales rack at TJMAXX. I want her to go to school with a nice backpack, and the supplies she will need. I want to be able to take her to the Zoo sometimes. I know it's aa long road. But it would really help if you would get in the fucking car.

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