Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It has been some time since I have put a post on here!
Sorry, folks! We've been VERY busy, and recently, the whole house is sick. Even the dog is vomiting all over.
I had the inlaws here for a week,  and it was a BLAST!
Let me explain the Inlaws. Legally, and by blood, they are not related to Lovesband.
They used to be.
His Mother is a whore.
Oh, you probably want better explanation. heh.
She married the father of the gals we now consider his sisters. She was married to them for about 12 years. So, to Lovesband, they are his sisters. We don't speak to his Mother, so they are all he has.
In life, you CAN choose your family. His Mother was so toxic, we had to get her out of our lives. I digress, here are some photos.
This is a beam from the Twin Towers

This is the Beirut Memorial in Jacksonville, NC 

This is actually the 4th of July, what an awesome day to see this!
(We went with Coco on Memorial Day, also)

We went to see the Fireworks on Camp Lejeune! They had The Jane Deer Girls! They opened for the
2mar div band, which was AMAZING!
(Coco witnessed her first Colors)
We went to the Aquarium at Pine Knoll shores on Toothy Tuesday!
We LOVE this Aquarium, and the Inlaws loved it, too!

This was SIL's LEAST favorite exhibit! 
(The snakes) 
Yeah, I had to. 
We're a little blurry, but it's Belle and I!

We went to the park, it was probably 95F with humidity.
Kiddos still had a BLAST!

I tried to keep them well entertained!
They are such great people!

And Belle LOVES her cousins!

But Uncle J SOOO was not getting a kiss.

<3 So sweet!

Keeping them hydrated, of course!

So, after the Inlaws left, we had an inappropriate birthday for Coco <3 
And we made a Facebook and Youtube for our unconventional family- The PeBolBakken's.
Which is a mix of 3 last names. 
There are, in fact, pictures.

All my ducks in a row <3


I didn't know Coco was behind me LOL

Ahh, Family Photo out by the "Rape Spot"

Secret Lovers <3



To Dispose of the body. I mean...

Yeah. It was an AWESOME week <3

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