Monday, August 9, 2010

Mission Is FUBAR!

I'm supposed to be set and ready to get our happy asses to NC by the 15th. I have NOTHING WHATSOEVER done that will get me to this goal. Not to mention the fact that I have all kinds of crap that needs to be done to the trailer *le sigh*. From one minute to the next, I have no friggin' clue what is going on. Here's hoping that I can get shit straightened out.
I should be sleeping, but how can I sleep with so much on my mind?
I'm going to have to move past some things in my life, and be okay with some things. I just can't go on living with all thses monkeys on my back! Do you ever feel that way?
It's a lot like the moment I realized that the anger I held towards my Dad controlled me. I hated him. Not because of all he did, and all he didn't do, but because he thought everything was fine, and denied it all, or said that ALL families were that way. He will never understand the torment that he put me through. My moments of weakness. I was so angry at him for that. It consumed me. I had to let it go. There is more to live for than anger and resentment.

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