Sunday, August 22, 2010

The First Week Home.

Woah, I don't want to get ahead of myself. To really understand how VERY happy I am to be in a box filled house with shitty cell service (no sarcasm), you have to understand how FUBAR the trip, and prepping for it, was.
My Grandpa, bless his heart, means well. Oh yeah, you SO know where THAT statement is going.
I tried to tell him I did not need his help packing the trailer. I knew that it would be easier to do myself. I was right.
I thought 'I'll cram everything in the kitchen so he'll know EXACTLY what needs to go on the trailer'.
Two hours later, the trailer is tied down, and half my stuff, including HALF of the crib+parts is STILL in the kitchen.
GRRREEEEAT! So, I call my Traveling buddy (the SIL) and she says 'bring what is left over in the vehicle, and we'll pack it right.'
(the dogs were at her house to run off some energy before the trip, so the back of the exploder was empty).
I get up at 5am, and open every door to the explorer, because it's dark, and I can't see (bad, bad idea). So, 30min in to what is becoming a very failed attempt at cramming everything in my vehicle, I txt my SIL. She notices, from the tone of my text, I am having a total meltdown.
She and my BIL come over and fix it all.
And by ALL, I ALSO mean Jumpstart my vehicle because I kept all the doors open, and killed the battery :D I'm a winner.

The trip itself was pretty smooth, except the part where I got really tired, and the trees started to move and look like swimming whales.
Then we commited a misdemeanor and smuggled the Dogs into a No-dog hotel for the night. But it doesn't count, we weren't caught.
Plus, I woke up that morning with the Chills from a nice bit of Engorgement, Belle hardly nursed the entire trip. I was freezing, and woke up 1hr after falling asleep, and had a good time on the potty. I seriously considered going out in the Carolina heat in a sweater.
After all the circle running housing had me do, I had to call maint. to fix the AC. It took them hours, of course.
AND, who lables the HOT water spigot with a BLUE knob? It took them 2 days to fix the leaky washer spigots.
Plus, the couch is in the garage, and will be until Lovesband gets home to figure it into the house. And my SIL ripped one of her toenails clean off, and bled all over my carpet lol. She Cleaned it up :).
The dogs have poo'd 3 times in the house, and Belle pee'd on me RIGHT before the VTC.

Deployment, PLEASE be over.
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