Friday, December 31, 2010

Leave Dec 2010. Part 1.

It didn't start out a disaster. Somehow, thus far, it is a disaster.
The drive itself was fine. Albeit a long 24hour drive including stops.
Lovesband didn't gripe and complain about how long we rested whenever we stopped, like he did last time.
We got in around noon, and went to see Mom.
Blah blah. Normal and regular.
Then The SIL read my Twitter feed.
SIL knows nothing of twitter before this. And would have never stumbled upon it.
What pissed her off?
A comment about her Dad (Who she knows I dislike) being Grumpy.
A comment about me not liking the gift she helped Chris pick out for me.
A comment about how I thought Chris would want a full memory foam pillow and not just foam core.
Hey, I thought it was polite not to say those things to people. And I said them to people who will never speak to the SIL.
Oh, and SILs DH has a BIG problem w/me BFing in the same room as him.
So there's that.
And it just so happened that the estranged inlaws were up from OK.
Which (at the time) was no big deal.
Yeah, until they decide they want to give Belle a rocking horse.
Here is something you need to know about the 'Okies', they are seriously screwed up.
Ex: They are racist Republicans (not saying all repubs are racist!) Who live off of 2 income sources 1) The government (unemployment, welfare yadda yadda) and 2) Andrew. Chris' oldest younger brother. His father passed away maybe 3yrs ago, and Andrew was given SSI or something. Anyway, half is to be used for raising Andrew (in place of his Fathers Child support) and the other half is to be put away for Andrew until he is 18.
They just suck all of it.
They sent me 2 gift baskets last year, 1 when Belle was born, and 1 for my birthday. Both were costly, and I had to hear about how their family went without.
Now, back to the horse.
They dropped it off at Chris' Uncles house for us to pick up. So we did not have to communicate with them.
I made it clear to Scuzband that I did not want it. He said "It's not Errics to deal with, we'll just pick it up"
No, no we won't. Call me a bitch, but I refuse to be near something meant as a 'gift' that caused their family to go without! Which I KNOW they did. I told Scuzband we should give it to Goodwill.
I also told Barb (who the 'Okies' were staying with) that she should tell Mrs.Okie my intentions.
You can bet she did.
Honestly, I thought they should have the opportunity to take the horse back. Which they did.
Along with that, people who were not even speaking to the Okies are now mad at me. Including SIL *EYEROLL*
She even said 'I see where you're coming from' to me, and something different to Scuzband. (Don't Worry, he'll go back to Lovesband eventually :])
Scuzband is now UBER livid. Erric is ticked-off. And lord only knows what Barb and Papaw think.
Apparently the comparison of "Would you accept a gift from Kim Jog Il and let your child play with it?" was not the right thing to say, and Scuzband and I had it out pretty hard over it.
As far as everyone else? They can kiss my ass!
After about 2hrs we made up.
I stand by everything I said and did. Why? Back up your decisions! I made the decision, I still think it was the right one. It would have softened the situation, and lead to the hell we were in before w/the Okies. Don't back down on something you believe is right.
Lastly, WE intended on having My Family Christmas on the 27 w/My Mom, SEESTER, and her family. Due to the coast being battered, my SEESTER had to delay her departure from VA.
Apparently it was highly important we inform the SIL of this.
We hadn't really brought it up. I explained the plan to Scuzband, and I ASSuMEd he'd relay the info by default.
Yeah, not so much.
So, they think we left due to all the bullshit, and not because we were originally intending on staying a few nights with my Mom. In fact SIL2 didn't even LOOK at us as she said bye.
They were all pretty pissy about the whole thing.
Mom made it clear "These women are two-faced. They are not your friend, they want to drive a wedge between you and him. They may act like your friend, but they just want him."
Sadly, she is right. SIL is always in our business about Money and so-such, and it makes me down right livid. So much so that I have made it CLEAR that I do NOT want her knowing about our finances.
She is always putting in her 2cents worth about what we should do, and where we should live. Pushing us to get an apartment when we moved to cherry point. And she's very pissed about us having NO plans to move back to Michigan.
Never EVER will we be staying there on leave.
I thought spending some time there would be good, they always complain about how we don't spend enough time with them.
But that's just not enough.
Anyway, Part two will be much MUCH more cheerful! iPromise
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