Sunday, January 2, 2011

Leave 2010 Part 2

There really isn't a whole lot to say about leave at My Mom's house.
It wasn't 100% relaxing, but it felt like REAL Christmas. My Sisters children were close to being beheaded.
But they ARE kids, and were REALLY packed with sugar.
Mostly from syrup, that adorned my Mom's Egg Nog French Toast (YUMMM!)
I got my Wii fit, Kitchen Aid pots/pans, a matching houndstooth hat&scarf, and some other odds and ends I'll probably mention in future blogs.
We did not get to visit my friend Rachel in Cheboygan, and it was pretty heartbreaking for the both of us. I actually cried.
Decidedly, I am going to hoard money until July so I can see her.
We haven't seen eachother in over 6 years.
I have to mail her little girl a box of gifts that I have for her.
Lovesband and I have not had it out since staying with My Mom, we actually accomplished some hanky panky!
One hanky panky in 20 days is a sad score.
On to Yesterday.
We came to visit the SIL and have TURDUCKHEN, which was just odd. I think FIL is the only one who liked it.
And, we ended up with The Horse ( as you can tell)
And we gave it to SIL and family. Which was helpful.
So, that went smoothly.
And Erric and his wife are not speaking to MIL.
Hm, funny, because they were up eachothers asses before.
But if MIL doesn't run your life, you're blacklisted.
As I type this (on my Android Phone, incase you were unawares) I am waiting in The Mothership for Lovesband as he returns the Highchair we borrowed from SIL. Then I think we have to stop by Erric's and pick up some Dr.Suess books.
Then we visit Mike and his wife in Chelsea. They've been dying to see us.
Tomorrow, DMV (Sec.of.State) and from there, NORTH CAROLINA!!!!
I cannot wait to go home, and see Erin, and Caity! I miss my friends like crazy! Not getting to see Rachel has me needing the comfort of close friends.
It's also strange to be out of the Mil Life for almost a month.
You never realize how different it really is until you go back home for a while.
People live their lives very differently.
People have facial hair, and men have nonregulation hair cuts.
Some people choose not to work at all.
Something I love about the Military- People working hard, and earning a dollar! Some people forget what that is like..
Until next time!
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