Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Before I go.

I get to go be on the phone with housing, and fax over all my paperwork. For many reasons, I am less than excited. Some I can discuss, and some I cannot. I'll try to focus on the good parts, the parts I am excited for. Personally, ending up in Nugent Cove is not the best case scenario, but I will if it is what gets me home. The move itself is what I look forward to the least, along with the storage unit *insert horror music*. Once I am home, my very best friend will be leaving forever to Arkansas. Hm, I thought I was supposed to focus on positive?? I'll be glad to have my space back. I'll be glad to be living by my own house rules again. I'll be glad to ba back in a Queen sized bed. more later- infant calls.

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