Wednesday, July 21, 2010

That's A Stupid Question.

Look, I made my blog pretty for you!
I did it today, because My Mom plans to take the laptop away for the weekend. It's HER laptop, and I can do all of the important stuff from my phone. Plus, I really need to get a macbook anyway. I'm mostly waiting until Husband gets home, though I have already gotten the 'go-ahead' on getting one. But that would mostly liquidate the savings account ^_^. I'm horrible and have spent most all of the deployment money, just like I said I wouldn't.
Today I got ALL of the housing information faxed to where it needed to be. yay. I think I told you that already. Did I also tell you that the estimated move date is September 1st? Well, it is. Then I get to go home to good 'ole Cherry Point! I like having a place of my own. I like knowing that nobody is going to bitch at me. I'm an adult. I guess.
It's funny how it all happened. Maybe it was the way I was raised. Suddenly, I looked around, and I needed a bank account. Because I had a job, and I needed to hide money from myself. I find that, most places are helpful. They WANT your business. I know enough to know when I need help though. I'm a female. When it comes to a car or fridge, all I think is "Ooooh, pretty!". Washer and dryer, on the other hand "How long does it take? How quiet is it, what are the settings? How much water does it use? Front or top loader? Can I fit my comforter in here?"
This shows you how tired I am. I am writing about laundry. Of course, it highlights the fact that, whether I like it or not, I am in the full blown throes of adulthood. What a bummer.

I guess I don't do everything like an adult. Maybe it's just me fighting it tooth and nail. SEE! Only adults use old-people terms like that! (Erin is going to kill me if she ever makes it on here, I think I have heard her say that). If I were any kind of adult, I would be sleeping, knowing that my child will be up in 6 hours or less. I LOVE SLEEP!

Tomorrow, I will NOT shower (unless Jill calls, or someone else in MI-which isn't going to happen) I will NOT get 'dressed'. I'll probably make some Iced Tea (yeah, sweetened! Diabetic Coma here-I-Come!) Watch movies with Belle, and wish Death on the Dags. Oh, and laugh about Suzanne shaving her brows off. Good thing she doesn't read this either. I might brush my teeth. I'll probably remember what I planned to blog about today. I forgot due to tiredness. I keep having to backspace all over this poor thing, and it looks like dirt anyway.

I Stalk. Bad. And maybe I'll take all my belongings, and just wait there.

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