Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If you're a parent, I bet you can guess how many times I've watched Elmo's World today. In fact, I am sure you can infer that I will be watching Elmo's World ALL FRIGGIN DAY! You can also assume that I will have Various songs stuck in my head ALL DAY, and it's going to be AWESOME when I annoy the life out of myself by absentmindedly singing them "we love to sing, sing in the shower"...
All the books and mags. tell you 'get your child to sleep at the first signs of being sleepy'. Yeeaaaah, that'll work- NOT! Belle's first sign of sleepy is 2 hours before she actually goes to 'sleep'. So then I wind up frustrated wasting my energy trying to impose 'naptime' on a child who I have found (be repeated time wasting failure) isn't quite ready. The NEW plan is to wait until she's REALLY fussy, and spend 10min getting her to bed. I'd LOVE to hang out with my Sugar-Belle in bed for 2 hours, but I HAVE THINGS TO DO! I have 19days to pack and move. I have two dogs of my own (and two more that I deal with daily), and family members who want to see us (her) before we go.
So now that it's naptime, and I have nearly nothing done, I'm going to attempt to partake in the napping. And I'm sure the dogs will begin barking at everything (nothing). Then I'll at least have dinner figured out.

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