Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let The Profanity Happen.

You want to know what I am tired of? Well, since you're still reading- Motivational/self-help bullshit. Why? Because I think it's a cover-up. Average -over it- people are off living their lives. Granted, I believe that Love is the answer to everything. I don't go spouting my bullshit out like a night after whiskey and White Castle (don't fucking ask..). I like PEOPLE. Yeah, I DO care about what you are passionate about, but not THAT much. I want to hear how passionate you are about savingmoney/God/diet/exersize/hockey/military for about 15min. Unless it's a common interest, I start thinking about other things- The last time my dogs shit/the last time I shit/The next time I'm getting laid/When the last time YOU got laid was. Like I said, I care, but only so much. How much to you want to hear about my oral fixation?? Unless you're trying to get some, it'll probably make this dinner party pre-tty awkward.

Those people just end up being fake. Remember in HS when people talked about who was fake? Want to know why you never hear that term? Because it's you. We grew up, and got manners, so now we just say it behind your back.
As an adult, there are really only a few functions you get invited to, and I loathe ALL of them: 1) Mary-kay/Avon- Fuck this. Unless I get a heap of free shit, I don't want to slather makeup on my face. If anyone with a Vagina needs to have their hand held during makeup protocol, they are either 9 or just shouldn't try. That's how you end up on peopleofwalmart(dot)com. 2) Raging Beer-Pong Party- For my age group, acceptable. For parents (including my age group), NOT. Grow the hell up. If I have to tell you that life isn't about being faced all the time, the words fall on deaf ears. Yeah, drinking is fine, and faced every so often is also okay... but every weekend?? deep rooted issues= Get some zoloft. 3) This SOUNDS like it's going to be fun, but really it's a cover-up for some lame ass thing we're doing- Explains itself. "We're going to just hang out, chit-chat, snack. Ohmp, and then we're going to *BAM insert a fervent description of something you REALLY don't want to do AT ALL* it's going to be a lot of fun." Fuck you! You're a fucking liar! Whatever happened to just wasting time with people?? Everything has to have a fucking purpose! Why do we always have to be 'learning something new'? You know those terms. It's not like getting to know a friend, or conversational happening onto information of general interest. It's a "DIDYOUKNOW?" cram-fest of whatever. Fuck You. At least the other shit parties are straight forward.

My Perfect Party: BBQ. Chillin'. Wii/dominoes/pictionary/game. Pie. bonfire/end. Nobody getting "NO YOU'RE A SCREEN DOOR!" hammered. No mandatory anything. No forms to fill out. Just come over, hang out. You can crash here, no problem. But you start yaking in my commode, and I probably won't invite you over again. idc if you smoke, but do it outside. Leave your Pot at home.

Fuck, I'm tired. BTW 'in the air' or whatever with Muy Guapo G.Clooney= crap movie.

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