Monday, July 19, 2010

Livingroom surgery

Today started out with lots of WIN. I actually consumed 2 meals, showered, bathed the child, did my hair and makeup, and Baby had 2 naps. It was going very well. We were preparing to meet my mommy at the Salvation Army in White Lake. As I was changing Belle's diaper, I noticed a cut on her leg had become lightly puffy. So I got peroxide and a bandaid. I gave it a good rub down, put the bandaid on, and put pants on her to help ensure that she would keep the bandaid on. She has had puffy cuts before. You can sweep and mop all the floors, but with 4 dogs; you can only get so colean. And crawling babies will sustain minor-moderate injury from time to time. That being said, we went off to Salvation Army (a place where I usually let Belle crawl with serious supervision, I am a good Mom. Haters can suck-it). Once finished, we come home and go about dinnerish/getting ready for bed. So, the pants are removed, along with the bandaid. Wow. The little-red-cut is now a puffy pussy line. (I blame it all on not being able to find and use A&D ointment). So, my mom and I decide that we have to 'surgery'.
I won't go into details, but the cut was seriously cleaned, and cleaned. And Belle screamed. It was awful. If it is not better by tomorrow, to the urgent care we go. After it's slathered in AD ointment, and a bandaid is firmly in place, it is time for bed. Belle sits up on the bed, looks down at the closed bottle of vitamin water, up at me, and "bob-bob" she laments. "I know. I know." I reply. Who know what it means, I can only assume "that shit hurt, do it again, and I'm pooping on your favorite pants".

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