Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today I did yardwork and felt like a champion. Idk, pulling weeds isn't some incredible feat. But I didn't mind doing it. Hard work doesn't bother me. I am not a lazy trashbag! Maybe.. ALSO, I am fully vindicated on the dog situation.. though they have been let out OFTEN, they are exploding out of their backhole areas like WWII. So, it's not cuz I ain't lettin em out... they have just freeking lost their minds. Daisy ate $2.50 worth of peaches...bitch.
I love my Droid. I listened to moosik while weeding. And of course, my mind wandered all over. Actually, only one place. Also, I considered it 'me' time. I mailed my secrets out today. And my mail in rebate for this hyped up block. I thought about telling them, writing them out, making it all known. But why? Why end up onn the corner of 'fucked' and 'friendless' for no reason? I thought about one day owning a home of my own. I thought about Jill, and how I hope she owns one, too some day. I thought about my weaknesses. I thought about conflicting feelings. Maybe the time to vent frustrations out on weeds, and a couple flowers :^/ (in my defense, they were ugly and harbored an orgy of earwigs) maybe just that made me feel a little better. Get the thoughts and feeling in piles, look at them, acknowledge they exist. I am tired, hungry, I need chapstick. Will I ever make a full complete blog? When there is someone to read it, maybe I'll feel obligated. Until then-

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