Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ant Repellant- I conclude.

Remember when I posted about that Ant Repellant I made a while back?
I have no idea if it worked. The results are a bit inconclusive.
Before we applied the repellant, we (BFFF and I) DEEEEEP cleaned the house. Under appliances, and I even mopped the wall.
Then, I accidentally left a Zebra Cake (BFFF is not a Zebra Cake fan) wrapper out on the porch. It attracted 1 cockroach and 485743 ants.
But, since then, and the application of the "Repellant", I haven't seen a single ant in the house.
It's a nice alternative to harsh chemicals, I suppose. Does it really work? I'm not sure.
Yeah, what an awesome post.

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