Friday, June 10, 2011


I've spent the night crying.
I'm so pathetic. How did I ever wind up to be so lost, and so angry?
All I ever wanted was QUALITY TIME. In this military life, in this day and age, Quantity in relation to time is really unrealistic. You can spend all the time you want with someone, and never get anything from it. We are coming in on a few week seperation, and you would think that we would try to spend a lot of good quality time together.
Right now, I am struggling so much.
How many different ways can I put it?
I NEED your QUALITY TIME to feel loved, and some words of affirmation would also be appreciated. You? I honestly don't know what you want, besides your bike, anymore.
The point is, without you spending some meaningful time with me, and reminding me I am important, I do not feel loved.
What, is the simple fact that you're here supposed to prove to me that you care? It doesn't.
I say "hey maybe we can go to the pool tomorrow!" Because we can't go to the Ocean, we are broke, so I am trying to think of free, fun things to do. You look at me with a face that says "yeah, how about we don't" and mumble something about not liking public pools. Yeah, this conversation happening at the park, which you're not enjoying either.
The past few nights,  we've settled into sitting on opposite sides of the room, doing different things, not paying attention to eachother at all. You're on, and I'm only watching whatever I'm watching on NetFlix to pass the time until you're done. But when you're done, you go to bed. The baby sleeps, and you want nothing to do with me.

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