Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Asses and Elbows.

It's been ages since I've gotten the motivation to work out.
Today, such motivation hit. I went full throttle into some Insanity Abs with Buddy, who is my usual work out companion. I was doing quite well, if I do say so myself. Though, during the work out there are many a manuver done on the floor, leaned back a bit, with your legs flailing about in some manner.
You don't want to know the rest, but lucky you; I'm going to tell it.
I received rug burn at the very top of my ass-crack. It's not pretty. It hurts like hell whenever my cheeks rub together (WHICH IS ALWAYS).
To top it off, I have rug burn on my elbows from some low plank positioned flailing. So, now it just looks like I've had some wild sexual tryst recently. I mean, had it just been my posterior, nobody would really know, but until the elbow burn goes away...
I'll wear different pants tomorrow, and figure out somethinng for my poor elbows.

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