Saturday, June 4, 2011


Is it normal, in a marriage, to end up feeling more like friends than lovers? I feel so... rejected.
I don't even feel like we're BEST friends. Our relationship is so quiet. I feel like I'm bothering him all the time. Holding him back, and just plain annoying him. Sometimes, we have bouts of intimacy.
It's like he's avoiding it. Avoiding me. He's just not interested.
I'll be honest, before marriage, I'd have taken that disinterest to the bank, and cashed it in for an account with interest. Now, I have to roll with the punches.
At the moment, I just want to go to sleep, and wake up to a different tomorrow. I'm confident, and feeling sexy as ever. Yet, I cannot hold his interest.

And, I'm pent up. Ya know?

My Mother always made it clear that I have to uh, "take care of my man". So, what about me? Hey! Weilder of the lap rocket, yeah you! Can I get some time?.

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  1. Hey there! I understand. I don't think I need to say more than that.....

    Thank you fpr saying my legs are nice, too! *blush*


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