Monday, March 7, 2011

60 minutes= $100

Today I spent an hour on the phone with a heavy mouth breather who sounded like a seal in labor, that worked for Time Warner Cable.
I hate me some mouth breathers.
At one point, I actually thought he was snoring (It took him 15min to pull up my account).
Anyway, though our bill is still OUTRAGEOUS because they pro-rated some charges.
We got new services 2/02, and were billed on 2/19, the charges were not on THAT bill, but the bill for 3/18.
So, we're paying for a month and-a-half.
BUT they were charging me a  $50 deposit due to my B-E-A-Utiful credit score because THEY SAID we did not have automatic bill pay, and we do!
Now, I am usually the person who says "Oh, well." and I don't call and ask questions, but a $400 cable bill caused me to call, spend 40min on hold, to spend 20 actual minutes talking to someone, and I saved $100.
No, this really doesn't save the budget, but it's $100!
Better in my pocket than theirs!

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