Wednesday, March 9, 2011

*TMI- Bush

Fuck it.
I took a nice relaxing bath today, and during such, I noticed that my yard needed maintaining.
I generally keep it 'neat' and what one would call a 'landing strip'.
So, I meticulously shaved, AWWWL up around there. Nice and neat.
Soft to the touch, and inviting.
For what? My flightline is rarely ever used. Nobody is landing on the strip.
Honestly, until bikini time, taking the time to maintain a ne'er used area, and dealing with occassional razor burn and ingrown hairs, is soo a waste of my time.
Seriously. I know there are women whose husbands are deployed and just wish to have him next to them, sex or not.
But something is wrong with me.
I'm horny ALL the time!
And I live on a Marine Corps base. Switching to deserts soon.
So my appitite is going to exceed what it is now, which is already difficult to satiate.
My vagina is going on strike. I'm not working on the merkin until I get some regular.
Or the vibrator I've been asking for, which is not seen as 'important'.
But 'tuning in' a Mt.Bike is.
And the vibrator doesn't need a lovely landing strip.
You know, Hubs always wanted me to grow my hair out.
Of course, I am well aware I've taken that out of context.
This is why Kurt doesn't keep up with my blog.
Smart guy.
Sorry about your eyes, readers :/
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  1. hahahahaa girl this made me laugh! get waxed best thing i have ever done! i will never shave again! wax wax wax!


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