Monday, March 14, 2011

Just a tid-bit of This-N-That.

It seems like my life is always full of some drama. I guess everyones is.
I try not to focus on it, but this is where I dump it. Where I put it all to keep it from destroying my life.
Problem is, I can't always be as honest as I want to be.
Mostly because the truth about the way people feel can be hurtful, and that is not who I want to be.
Some things ARE better left unsaid.
And the way I feel about a situation isn't important if it isn't my situation, and it's the way you WANT to live.
These things, I can tell my husband. He listens, and understands.
Somethings, I don't say to my husband. Like stuff on here. Perhaps I say them in a kinder way. But this place is where my anger, and sadness go.
He is where I place the things I cannot put on here.

Moving on.
Tomorrow is going to be hell. It's 0112.
I have a meeting at 1600 with the command team.
Husband needs the vehicle the first half of the day.
BFF has family coming in.
I have to drop Belle off at BFF's house in Jville.
Plus, it's supposed to rain. So Lovesband riding his bike is going to be a pain.
I might not go. I REALLY want to, but seems like a lot to go through for a meeting.
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