Friday, March 11, 2011

My blog should be labled TMI.

I hate it. If it only happened sometimes, fine.
But often are the nights (weekends) that go by where you talk dirty, and don't follow through.
Women can get 'blue balls' you know.
We're the married couple with no intimacy.
We don't cuddle. He NEVER wants to make-out. He doesn't even like it. More than 3 kisses is 'enough'.
We never hold hands. When I talk sweetly, he never talks sweetly back.
I only ever hear "I love you".
When we do become intimate, it's not like it used to be.
He doesn't look at me like he used to.
And... Oral is the only thing he ever wants. And asks for.
Sure, he's a good man. He provides for his family.
Maybe I am selfish for wanting more.
I don't feel sexy anymore.
I don't feel wanted.
What a bad place that is to be.
"If My husband doesn't think I'm sexy, if it all fell apart, would anyone?"
Today, Chris was waving a thong of mine around. I told him to put it away before Kurt saw.
Kurt is all "What? Lemme see!" He threatened to go in the laundry room and look for whatever it was.
So, I told him.
Wow. He acted completely revolted.
I expected and 'ew' or 'oh' or 'ahh!'
But he acted disgusted to his core.

On another note. Chris said something the other day that is still eating at me.
"I Think Annabelle helps our relationship, if she wasn't here, I wouldn't care so much if I pissed you off"
Going on to say that he would push shit further more often if she wasn't there to see it.
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