Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Food Inc.

I haven't yet finished it, but something about watching Food Inc. Will seriously make on evaluate their lifestyle.
I mention 'There goes my carnivorous side' on facebook.
That is not exactly the case. Like 'There goes the neighborhood'.
In all seriousness, the story about Kevin made my heart sink to my stomach.
Watch it, really.
You tell yourself "Oh, I don't want to know"
Oh, yes. Yes you do.
Along with telling you what companies do to their animals, and what ends up in your food (by contamination, or prevention thereof), you are shown the light in the darkness.
The boom of organic foods.
Watch this. Especially if you have children.
My estranged MIL is a "Republican". NOT to disrespect the average Republican, my MIL believes that the government should up and disappear. When Michelle Obama was speaking about a healthier America, she was out buying bushels of McDonald's burgers for her weeble-wobble family, and severely diabetic husband. They chain smoke so bad that when you walk in their home, all you see is a cloud. Their youngest son has had coffee in his bottle since before he could walk. Their daughter has a hearing problem, and they refuse to get her help for it because kids will make fun of her. No, they'll make fun of her because she can't speak right, and is always saying "Huh?". They really are the most ignorant people to ever grace the state of Oklahoma. They'd be the first with slaves on their land if we ever went back in time.
Point is, how can you set your children up to be disgusting? To be fat, and not know that there are better choices, just because you don't want a black woman telling YOUR country what to do.
Don't want Africans in your country?
I guess your ancestors should have thought of that before they brought them here.
Anyway, I'm going on a tangent.
If you want to live better, and know what you put in your mouth, watch the documentary.
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