Thursday, March 10, 2011


You know what I have really had enough of?
Our parenting style differences.
When she cries, I hold her.
Maybe that's why she almost NEVER comes to you for comfort.
You stare at her. She's down stairs crying for 10min with you.
Staring OBVIOUSLY isn't solving ANYTHING.
"She Wants you" and "She wants Mamma" are true. In a way.
YOU can comfort her. Nutritionally, she doesn't need boobie anymore. It's primarily a comfort thing.
It's like you don't understand how to comfort her.
Like when she starts to wake up- ex:
Me: *rock/pat the baby*
You: *let arm be still as possible, and look at her and say Hi*
Then I take the baby, rock her to sleep, and you are astonished she's sleeping again. She didn't have a nap. It's 8:30.
What did you expect?
It breaks my heart to BF her in public. Because of the way YOU look at me.
You can't handle her dumping a drink at the store.
Ugh. I can't stay on this subject anymore.
Oh, and if you find the 'Mine' to Yours&Mine that I've been using all by myself, you won't be very happy, I'm sure.
Wait until I have a rabbit ( not the fuzzy lop-eared kind) that I hide, too.
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