Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm fuming.

Over dishes.
You know what really pisses me off?
I'll tell you.
When the dishes are done wrong. Or when people take my clothes out of the dryer and put them somewhere random in a rumpled pile, or put that pile on top of the dirty clothes hamper.
I don't see where; putting the small spoons with the small spoons, the cookware with the cookware (and so on) is so hard?
Not looking at what comes out of the dishwasher and therefore putting disgusting things where the clean things go- or rather spinning in a circle and tossing them in whatever cupboard or drawer they land in.
How about when you tell people to STOP overloading the dishwasher?
"Nothing in here is really clean, even though it ran"
"That's probably because it was overloaded"
"Ok, I'm going to run it again, and put more stuff in it"
YES, that seems like the right idea!
ACTUAL conversation. I shit you not.
I mean, I have LITERALLY asked you to stop helping altogether.
I'd rather have no help at all, than end up with twice the work, and serious disappointment when I look in the drawer for the flippy-do thing that I use for flipping eggs and pancakes whose name escapes me, and it is STILL caked with Scrapple!
Then, I have to wash it, and my egg ends up overdone. Not that I am seriously particular, but it never hurts to have a good egg day.
Currently I am gulping coffee. I had the luxury of making that myself, sometimes Buddy ends up making it. 4 cups of water+ 4 scoops of grounds= $%(#%@&%^^")@^(%$&(#&%!!!!!!!!!
That is called a K Pot. K is BFF's Husband, and has an affinity for Starbucks coffee made at heart attack strength.
We are on day 2 without a shower, but I am going to shower before Lovesband gets home. I really am.
We have a lot of 'Gone' coming up, so this house needs to get clean so that it can function with 1 person living in a 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom town home. We're getting there, and we actually (Lovesband and I) work well cleaning together. Buddy and I on the other hand...... It's stabtastic.

But these are some nice pictures from the Air Show at New River! AWESOME time!!!!!

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