Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday is pointless.

I'm watching myself fall. I see my sanity flying by, and I am groping for something, anything.
Lovesband, for the past few years, has been all I have. I've made attempts at friends, but it just doesn't work out.
They're far away. They move away. They pull/push away.
We've been here almost 2 years, and nobody wants to be my friend.
Lovesband has Duty today, and I am stuck with Buddy.
I hope he goes for a ride. I'd rather be here with 4 dogs alone.
I had high hopes for cheering someone up today.
Now, I have to try and cheer myself up. Using myself.
Not that I was going to make everything better, but if you think about it all the time, and have no friends, it will consume you. Sometimes, to survive, you have to push it away.
In suite, I am going to go about this in that manner.
Today is a regular old Saturday by myself.
And I don't miss BFF to tears.

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