Monday, May 16, 2011


It was a lovely weekend with Lovesband. We went to the air show and had an awesome time! I touched a plane  and helicopter for the very first time! I got a funnel cake, which is always a win!
He's been super affectionate, sweet, and we've done all sorts of things together this weekend!
I even got a basil plant!
You might not know it, but I have a deep obsession with basil. I could eat it on anything, or all by itself. We planted our tomato plants, weeded our garden, and watched No Strings Attached.
Shortly, we will watch The Green Hornet! yaaaay!
Most of this week will be spent cleaning the house (MUCH needed).
OH! Fun fact- to plant my daffodil I used an E-tool... Yeah, you know you're a Milspouse when...

Speaking of-
I really hate that my blog is full of a lot of negativity, but it just seems to pop up.
I could be a hermit. It seems I meet very few awesome people with normal lives.
For the most part, people are either dependasaurasus, or are faking a "perfect marriage".
I think they equally nauseate me. "I need people to believe I have "Made it" in life, what will I do if everything falls apart?!" People would rather hate each other than go through a Divorce.

I'm trying to make a calender for the squadron events, and it is quite complicated. I may have to start over.
The Fro doesn't like the way it looks. I want it to be perfect. Ugh. It's not that she said she doesn't, she said "Can you send it to me in a format that I can edit?"
Yeah, if you have paintshop.

Belle had her Overdue 18mo appt.
My goodness. This child is 2'9"!!!!!!!
WOW! One day, I'll look up at her after she walks across a graduation stage.
She's surpassing all over her milestones!

We've also been looking into moving out in town. Lovesband is SO on the fence about it. It's really a good deal, but it not having a garage seems to be a kill point for him. Honestly, you can't find an apartment for the price of this 3br 2ba home with a huuuuuuuuge backyard. We were supposed to give an answer today. We are trying to save money, but Lovesband seems concerned about utilities. The math says we can save money.
Of course, that is moving everything we own AGAIN, which I did...oh... 8 mo ago. Then 6 mo before that. Then 6mo before that. THEN 6 MONTHS BEFORE THAT! Oh, and theeennnnnn.... wait for it..... 6-MONTHS-BEFORE-THAT!
Seriously. Honest to God. Moving every 2 years really wouldn't be so bad.
I know many a Milspouse talk about getting stir crazy. Can I? We don't even ever have time to get settled!
We still have boxes in the garage.

OOOOOHHHHHHHH, Time for Green Hornet!


  1. I hear ya on Dependasaurses (Dependasaursi?) and the fake "perfect" marriages thing. I have definitely written before about Steve and I having issues. Obviously I don't go into specific, but I at least can admit it! I don't hide that we're human and, thus, not perfect! Sucks that others feel they must pretend.

    Green Hornet is good! We still need to buy it on DVD.

    Also, yay for Belle! They really do grow up super fast. It feels like my brother was born just yesterday, and here he'll be 9 this year! :'(

  2. There is nothing wrong with marital-tiffs! Everyone has them :)
    Yeah,, in my head I am 17, but my little brother just turned 18... if I'm 17, he's supposed to be 12 or 13 >_< lol


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