Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Does your house recycle? How much does it really mean to you? Do you put what you can fit in the bin, and just throw the rest away, do you only recycle some things?
I am trying really hard to be better about recycling.
It's my dream to have 4 beautiful rubbermaid bins, each with their respective purpose, and image of such on the front. Paper, Plastic, Glass, Metal.
Seeing as that Lovesband of mine has been just awful about forgetting to take out the recycling, we look like garage hoarders of various recyclables.
Lovesband and Buddy have been pushing me to "Just throw it out" for weeks now.
I refuse. I've worked hard to make sure we do our part.
I think, seeing as I just told Lovesband I was going to do it myself, and threatened to take it all to the local recycling center, that he is now out there, grumpily figuring that damn mess out himself.
God Bless him and his grumpy, "get this shit taken care of", ass.
That, or the neighbor has the hose out, and Lovesband is just off cleaning something random.
Hm, we'll find out soon enough.
Until, then.
Have a good day, and you also. (hee hee....)

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