Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It Smells Like Afghanistan

Husband got his CIF gear together for inspection.
It's been sitting in the garage since he got back from Deployment in October.
I came home from shopping, and I can just tell, his mood is... 'off'.
After 1,000 'What's Wrong?'s and 999 'Nothing's, he said 'I hate the smell of it'
It smells like Afghanistan.
He is distant. Neither mad, nor happy. Distant, and just wanted to run away and go to bed.
In fact, he complained of nausea before laying down.
It's just a him I am not used to. The smell he relates with Afganistan makes him shut-down.
Seriously, I left after recieving at LEAST 30 kisses, and giggles about how short and cute I am, to someone who won't even look at me.
He will not feel better, I am sure, until the gear is back in the garage.
Any thoughts?
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