Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sometimes, I Think WAY Too Much.

During a recent, and exactly unvalidated, pregnancy scare, Lovesband said this:
"God, then I'll be in the Marine Corps forever"
Obviously, he is not enthused by such a notion.
Me? I am terrified of life outside of The Corps.
I knew my husband WELL before the Corps. Which, I might add, ended up being an "Oh, BTW" sort of choice.
As I knew/know him outside/before The Corps, he's a lazy do-nothing let-everyone-solve-your-issues-for-you kind of fellah.
I don't see where my fear of 'going back' to that is too radical.

I also got to thinking about the life that civi. Life would deny me.
I almost resent Lovesband at times. I understand that he has LOATHED every place the Marine Corps has so graciously shipped him.. Buuut, that ocean, I've never seen the other side of it.
Hell, I've never even been in a room where most of the people spoke a different language than I, not even when I waitressed.
I'd like the opportunity to see the country, if not the world.
And another point I'd like to make-
The Marine Corps was not OUR decision. It was HIS, and I followed.
I feel like I should have a say in reenlistment.
I asked him ALL last year to LAT move, but of course, he won't/Didn't.
Doesn't want to PCS.
Just OUT. To what?!
School? So you can drag me to Virgina Beach for mechanics school?!
I'm REAL thrilled.
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