Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State Of The Union.

I love how heavily a vast amount of this country have judged our President.
I understand that change isn't coming as quickly as we all hoped.
Seriously, I think we can come down from our Starbucks (crack) binge, and stop shaking like a highschooler waiting for the bell to ring.
Honestly, we should all know that these things, with so many opinions, take time.
Pbeople want to argue about what the focus should be. 'Why Focus on DADT when the economy is so bad?'
Because this is America, and happy people spend money. People deserve the right to be who they are, just like any serving heterosexual.
No, it's not going to be easy, they will face troubles like African Americans, and Women. But this is the land of freedom and opportunity for ALL, and we will make it!
I digress.
Our President is working hard to make a government that works for its people. Reforming so average Joe can understand his taxes. So nobody goes without healthcare, even with a pre-existing condition.
Personally, I have to stand by someone who has SO much to accomplish, and is working diligently to complete what is set before him by our expectations.
There is so much to do, and obviously, he will not settle on what some people find to be 'key issues'. Which I believe are only there to divert our attention off of their fears.
A President who is concerned with bettering AMERICA, focusing on a country so in need of work, and willing to work hard for the people. Cutting out earmarks. Pushing for energy independence.
I believe we can come to an agreement that does what America needs, and pleases both sides.
That is what our President wants. It is what America needs.
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