Friday, January 21, 2011

PSA- Baby Fever.

Dear People under the age of... Oh, we'll say 23 who believe their biological clock is banging away at the inside of their empty uterus,
See, you're young, and maybe married, so you probably want a life.
Don't get me wrong, I love my Belle, but sometimes, I'm about ready to peel my own skin off.
My Husband can play video games. Why? Because it just so happens that I am choice #1. It might be due to having the feed bags, or just that I am the primary care giver. 10minutes into my new, and long awaited (and long whined for) video game, someone wants to eat while simultaniously kicking the Wiimote, and trying to pick off the small (SMALL!) Mole under my chin.
Seriously! When you decide you want to pop out a bundle-o-joy, just make sure you have nothing better to do.
They are great, but they make anything, and everything harder.
Besides, I was 19 and pregnant, almost a qualifier for a TV show!
You're all OMG I want a baby! SO CUUUUTE! OMGZ! Yes, cute.
I love her, I do! But it's hard sometimes, at inconvenient times.
So if you're not knocked up, breathe, take whatever meds you want for the illness you have (lord knows I can't), drink all the caf. You want, and remember when you pooped by yourself and took a long shower, because it was probably today.
I love Belle, and gladly give these things up to breastfeed, and care for her. She's my everything. EVERYTHING! Time, money, energy, EVERYTHING!
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