Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I HATE winter. One reason I enjoy the south so very dearly (Other than cowboys and sweet tea) is that the chance of snow does not extend from September to April. Hell, in NC you can still go swimming in September! My pool passes last until OCTOBER!
Sorry, the SAD gets to me.
I loooove being outdoors! But I loathe being cold. Anything below 70F is cold. Below 60F is glacial.
So one might assume I spend winter indoors. As soon as a warm day hits, I intend to dust the cobwebs off of that stroller! And I may end up living in a beach gazebo. I am 20 min (if I hit every red light in bad traffic) from the Ocean! Atlantic Beach is the most gorgeous thing aside from Belle and Myself that I have ever seen!
Even strolling trough my neighborhood is a GREAT time!
I'm dying to try out the new park by the newer Nugent Cove housing!
Plus, we're supposed to go to MI in July and see Frankenmuth again! Where I will get Erin ( a Christmas decoration from BRONNERS!
Don't know what it is? Look it up :D
Speaking of Holjidays (inside joke), @Mrs_Flyboy (Whos first name escapes me) is having a Valentines day swap over at
Also, this will be our first whole summer together since 2008!
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