Thursday, January 20, 2011


Last night on Twitter, a friend mention when her Husband is deploying.
Someone that she knows tried to remind her of OPSEC/PERSEC
Which made me beg the question-
Can you inform someone of possibly 'saying too much' with out sounding like a douche?
@Manykindregards says 'no'
Even if you never said When and Where, a lot can be assumed.
*At That time, YOU will probably be all by yourself.
*Did You list where you're stationed? So they know when, and where from. They can find all units on that station, lets hope nobody knows the exact unit, or exact place, and mentions it online.
Because then, he may never get there.
I didn't know a lot about OPSEC and thought, I didn't say THAT much..
But now that I am SEVERELY stalked by my MIL, as if she were some kind of terrorist, I REALLY watch what I say. Because I'd rather she not know anything about my life.
Unfortunately, people WANT to harm your Husband.
It's YOUR job to be careful what information you are putting out there.
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