Saturday, January 29, 2011

Steamclean Your Kids.

Belle is pretty scared of the steam cleaner. It works out pretty well because she usually stands at the other end of the room, staring it down. As if it should just disappear.
This time she wanted to sit in my lap while I steam cleaned the couch.
This got me thinking.
Imagine if our children were like my couch. Deep stains beneath ythe fabric.
Imagine the color of that water!
Gosh, last weeks spaghetti, ground in crayons, all of that soaked up juice! Wiping just wouldn't cover it!
Imagine how much less of a mess it would be!
Okay, so maybe not the kids. But it wouldd be really nice to steam clean the dogs.
Washing dogs is a bigger pain in the ass than detailing The Mothership (2004 Ford Explorer). She has big shiny rims.
Imagine steam cleaning your spouse. YELCH! My Husband is like a muppet! All the crap that would come out of him! Certainly have to vacuume before hand. He'd smell like fermented Salsa Con Queso and Reese's cups.
I love my steam cleaner. It's the greatest thing I own. I'd consider giving up my left fallopian tube before giving up my steam cleaner.
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