Friday, February 4, 2011

I Am Happy!

Things have been really good between Lovesband and I lately. A much needed end to being on the verge of killing eachother.
I haven't felt 'Me' since deployment. Even after he came back, the depression I 'caught' hung on. Here is is, 4 Months later, and I feel like a regular person. I feel... Happy!
Despite the fact that Caity will be moving into her very own home about an hour away, at the end of the month, I have hope. We have a strong friendship, and I honestly think it was meant to be!
We are supposed to see our new friend again on Tuesday!
Can you believe it's taken me 2 years as a Corps wife to gain 3 face-to-face friends? And all off of the internet!
But I'm pretty excited! A new friend! For now, she can be Friend-X. She has an ADORABLE little girl! I just want to ball her up and squish her until her chubby cheeks pop like balloons!
She seems normal, but not TOO normal.
Caity and I are... Odd.
We ate S'mores the size of an Xbox controller last night, with Ultra Jumbo marshmallows that really should have come with a One Touch Ultra. My insides had the shakes. We smeared, gagged on hot mallow, and laughed. And everyone involved was sober (for once).
That is our life. Being fun, silly, broken, responsible enough, and together.
The more, the marrier! Let's hope Friend-X and Squish-baby are compatable! Besides, she's a cool ass Michigander!
I wonder if she plays Euchre?
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