Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nobody told me...

I read 'What to expect when you're expecting'. And while it told me some things (how big a baby is in relation to various fruit) and calmed me about my GBS+, there are so many things I just didn't know.
Looking back, I remember (before the c-section) the nurse setting the room up.
I found myself asking "What is that for?" And wondering why there were blue pads ALL over the floor.
I know, it says "Have a birthing plan"
Nobody asked me if I had one.
Nobody asked me about my preferences.
My OB never informed me of any options one way or the other.
I'm still not really sure what a birthing plan should look like, Only that I read somewhere that you should leave it on top of cookies for the nurses.O.o
I don't know when I'll have another baby, but I know that I will go in more informed this time.
I always thought that was the purpose of an OB! Looking back, they did NOTHING I couldn't have done myself during pregnancy!
Okay, they did test me for Gestational Diabetes, and GBS.
But weight, belly size, movement.
I could read a book and come up with the same conclusions.
I thought the OB was supposed to work with me to come up with a plan TOGETHER.
Instead, I saw 5 OBs and had NO idea which one was going to be there when I delivered.
It was like meeting a new OB each time I went.
And each one did a vaginal exam.
Which, isn't really necessary in a normal pregnancy.
I didn't know that.
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