Monday, February 7, 2011

Think what you want.

Whatever. I don't know who I am supposed to be for everyone else. I cannot seem to find a happy medium between distant and intrusive. I have to believe that distant is better.
Really, why put yourself out there? It's not like I am dating. I'm happily Married.
But why go and try to be close with anyone? You try to put yourself out there, and people just shut you out.
It's not the type of friendship I am used to. Gabe was the first friend I had that was like that.
It's a friendship that I sometimes do not understand.
It seems as though everyone I meet is that way.
Which brings me to the conclusion, it's me.
I read between the lines, and find that, I am left out of them.
I know you don't understand this fully, and please don't try to. Because you will make assumptions and be wrong, and that is good for nobody at all.
Today has sucked.

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