Sunday, February 6, 2011


Is it wrong that I want to potty in the new potty seat?
How do I get the message across to my Daughter?
She hates a wet Diaper, but other than that, how to I get it across that she needs to pee in it?
The only thing I can think of is to pee in it. I am not at that point.
We're not really in a hurry. Not at all really. Just, she seems to tear off her diaper whenever she goes in it.
Do I need to tell you about the poopy mess that can create?
I think not.

So @Mrs_Flyboy I am making you Peanut Butter Free Peanut Butter-cups!
This will let me know if you are reading my blog ;)
In unrelated news,
I am pretty sure K is lying to Caity as I type.
Whatever. I am trying to keep out of it.

I think Belle is ripping up one of his CD cases. Am I stopping it?
No way. Like I am not stopping Bella from eating a plane.
Ha ha, Caity just stopped Bella. Damn.

Any other news? No, but I will keep you posted on these Peanot-Butter-Cups!
Many pics will follow! I got the Recipe HERE!

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