Sunday, February 20, 2011

Peanut/not butter balls.

I am supposed to make Peanut butter balls for Buddy. Now, I have made these one before, except I made them as soybutter balls for Mrs.Flyboy for the Valentines Day swap.
It's really just a change of one ingredient. The Peanut butter. So, if you want some video Directions (Mrs.Flyboy)
Check back later. I'm hoping to video the whole thing.
Seeing as Buddy is a Marine, and a single one at that, there WILL be profanity in the video..
In fact, he was reprimanded while we were at Walmart in Morehead City, for cussing too much.
And as far as he's concerned, he's not loud, he's motivated.
He's the wildest one we've got. So, when you are watching the video, you might want to hide your children.
And you might hear a lot of me yelling at him.
A lot of Hank Hill.
And potentially a dog peeing on the floor.
Caity is usually my SUE chef. I know that's now how it's spelled, but you still get the point. So, she'll be there, along with a link to her blog.
I'll post the directions in the blog, and link to where I got it. The blog has other great recipies for families with allergies.
I'm also thinking about a new series on the things I cook.
Like blackbean artichoke quesadillas!
Crap, I might have to go find Bird-Bird.
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  1. Correct spelling: sous chef, you were close though! I laughed hysterically at this one. really needed it! mmmmm black bean artichoke quesadillas!


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