Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today is going to be awesome! I am very Excite!
I shouldn't say that. Then it will be a disaster.
As it turns out, we owe the IRS $300..
But today, we get to go buy Belle some clothes that actually fit her.
Some grocery type things.
Some stuff for The Valentines Swap.
I love shopping.
But the greatest thing about today- Caity is getting her hair cut!
We will REALLY look like lesbians then!
All we have to do is convince Friend-X to do the same.
She'll see how fly we look, and how we get hit on 2 times less than the never amount of times we get hit on now!
Not having any hair feels SO good! I hate having to move long hair when I sleep. I hate static cling. I hate when I wake up it look SO nasty and greasy.
Remind me to get shampoo.

ALSO, Husband wants to get a loan for a sport bike.
We used our tax money to pay off our credit cards and loan.
It was a hefty amount, and we are really glad to have that off our shoulders.
Which is why I worry about the sport bike. But he is bitching daily about it.
Is it bad that I would pay $3000 to shut my husband up?

Lastly, I believe that a friend of mine is going through some deployment depression. She's halfway in, and she's become a bit of a shut-in. Any ideas?

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